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  International Ministry
Jalankanlah tugasmu dan berusahalah untuk mencari dan memenuhi kehendak Tuhan, tetapi janganlah kaubiarkan dirimu dihalangi oleh gosip murahan (St. Arnoldus Janssen)
Kita mengambil bagian dalam tugas hidup dan perutusan Yesus Kristus, yang menghampakan diriNya dan menjadi seorang hamba, taat sampai mati, bahkan sampai mati di salib (lih. Fil 2:7-8). Kita yakin, bahwa karya apostolis kita mendapat berkat dari Allah bukan hanya dalam gembiraan dan keberhasilan, melainkan juga dalam kesukaran dan kekecewaan. (Konstitusi SVD 121)


FATHER, MAKE SURE THAT YOU ALSO UPDATE AND ENRICH YOUR PEOPLE THROUGH PROPER CATHECHESIS. This message of encouragement came from a bishop friend, who happened to visit our community in Batam. As he was celebrating the Holy Eucharist with us, he noticed that our community was so vibrant and joyful. "It is very good", said him, "but remember, that they should develop their knowledge also, in all church matters. So, proper catechesis should be initiated." He was totally correct, as at the moment the idea of proper catechism had not appeared yet.

While our faithful are waiting for further spiritual enrichment, we reallise too, that we are not able to coordinate such matter like any ordinary parish. This is an international chaplaincy that is attached to St. Peter Parish as its official body. Therefore we cannot move out from the pastoral main stream. When the diocesan policy is to promote the KBG (Komunitas Basis Gerejawi - Basic Ecclesiastical Community), we try to adjust our prgrams to meet this policy, therefore to stir up the awareness of living the diversity and moving towards a multidimensional unity. For International Pastoral Community leadership and chaplain, the answer is a proper and regular catechesis.

Speaking of cathechesis, a steady effort has been made to bring it about. All spiritual exercises are always linked to catechesis. 2013 Pre Advent recollection, for instance, studies the actual role of the community to answer the signs of the time. Linked it to the current Pope Francis and his two predecessors, Blessed John Paul II and Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, the community members like understand that they should be more active in promoting the idea of living the diversity. While the diversity is the nature of International Pastoral Community itself, to live this nature requires courage and sacrifices.

Many suggestions arrive at my desk to be sorted out one by one. But one thing for sure, the proper and regular catecheis is very much an essential part ot the spiritual life of the community.

Lay involvement


Apart from the chaplain as the primary executor, the catechesis section is very much supported by some lay volunteers. In terms preparation for new baptism and first communion, for instance, Mr. Joe Castaneda voluntarily takes the responsibility. Working as a teacher in Mondial School, Mr. Castaneda makes use of his teaching skill to intensify the catechesis program. Some parents, with the help of unnamed teacher from different school, initiated post first communion catechesis for children. Although we need to do a lot of things to sustain the idea, the community seems to move on the right track.

The community is also open to guest speakers on certain subject. A few overseas experts have been invited to educate our people. With the help of the Holy Spirit and under the guidance of mother church, the community slowly but steadily move to a brighter future.


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