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  International Ministry
Jalankanlah tugasmu dan berusahalah untuk mencari dan memenuhi kehendak Tuhan, tetapi janganlah kaubiarkan dirimu dihalangi oleh gosip murahan (St. Arnoldus Janssen)
Kita mengambil bagian dalam tugas hidup dan perutusan Yesus Kristus, yang menghampakan diriNya dan menjadi seorang hamba, taat sampai mati, bahkan sampai mati di salib (lih. Fil 2:7-8). Kita yakin, bahwa karya apostolis kita mendapat berkat dari Allah bukan hanya dalam gembiraan dan keberhasilan, melainkan juga dalam kesukaran dan kekecewaan. (Konstitusi SVD 121)

Children Ministry

CHILDREN'S PRESENCE IN THE WORSHIP MIGHT BRINGS NOISE BUT IT ALSO STIRS UP SENSE OF HOPE FOR FUTURE. Here and there we see people, volunteers in the places of worship, even priests and ministers, are annoyed by noisy children. Some official announcements are even made to urge parents to keep their children discipline or leave. In my opinion it is not a good way of dealing with children. First of all, children do not have bad intention. All they want is to have fun. Therefore, to some extent, we have to officiate the liturgy in such a way that is fun and joyful for the children. Meanwhile, bring the children into the ministry is also attractive for them, as they see that they have some role in common worship.

International Pastoral Community initiates children services in various forms. Firstly, children choir. Some children from the community and friends form the children choir. Some volunteers are willing to help the children, who are eager to participate in community liturgy. The training is available, conducted by volunteers. Thanks to teachers of Mondial School, who so far take this burden as their responsibility. Secondly, children reading ministry. Through intensive selection, some children are considered qualified for reading ministry. They have relatively good English, but the most important thing is they are confident to do their jobs.

The children ministry team is in charge of worship every fourth Sunday of the month. In this particular occasion, all lectors, psalmist, commentator and choir member are children. Some teachers help them for the assignment and organization. Recent development shows that children are eager to involve more. I think all community members should be aware of that and do all they can to keep this good spirit alive. Therefore the International Pastoral Community's leadership and chaplain encourage parents to support their children who want to get involved.

In the future, the pastoral team plans to initiate special catechesis for Children, Sunday School and other spiritual exercises that are suitable for them.


Children dance on Easter Day
Why children ministry?


On one occasion, one of the parents whose child involved in the ministry asked rather cynical question. "Why should the pastoral team border to take all this into their account? Why don't just leave it to the parents?" Parents certainly have all the right to bring up their children according to their own values. It is still their right within the Catholic community. Children ministry is a part of community role to increase children's awareness, that they are not just a part of their family but a also a greater family, that is the Church. It might add to their sense of responsibility in the future, if from now on they get familiar with the community matters.

I remember one of my friends, a lecturer in Psychology Department, used to say, that children are like a clean sheet of paper. What they will be is very much influenced by what is written on that paper. If the community write the values of Christianity, we at least create opportunities for them to be brought up according to the values that are being shared within the Catholic church. Whether they will be good Catholics or not, time will tell us later.


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