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  International Ministry
Jalankanlah tugasmu dan berusahalah untuk mencari dan memenuhi kehendak Tuhan, tetapi janganlah kaubiarkan dirimu dihalangi oleh gosip murahan (St. Arnoldus Janssen)
Kita mengambil bagian dalam tugas hidup dan perutusan Yesus Kristus, yang menghampakan diriNya dan menjadi seorang hamba, taat sampai mati, bahkan sampai mati di salib (lih. Fil 2:7-8). Kita yakin, bahwa karya apostolis kita mendapat berkat dari Allah bukan hanya dalam gembiraan dan keberhasilan, melainkan juga dalam kesukaran dan kekecewaan. (Konstitusi SVD 121)


I AM NOT AVAILABLE IF YOU INVITE ME FOR DINNER ON WEDNESDAY EVENING. Why? I seemed to upset my friend because of that answer. Yet, I have to remain at my answer, because every Wednesday evening, there is a special mass that integrated with devotion to Mary, Mother of Perpetual Help. Sometimes, when I am not really able to make it, still the prayer take place, combined with exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, or simply the prayer led by one of the participants. It is a new ministry that has been initiated since April 2013.

Why devotions within the International Pastoral Community?

First of all, devotion is a form of spiritual nourishment that is widely accepted and practiced in the Catholic Church. It is not compulsory exercise, yet practicing is proves to help developing and strengthening the spirituality of many ordinary Catholics. In such places that priests rarely visit, people are led by fellow layman or woman. Here, devotions are very helpful. They sustain the spiritual awareness. Moreover, the goal of devotions is nothing more but Jesus Christ, the Saviour of all.

What are our devotions here?

In Bible Centre, currently there are two, i.e. Novena of Mary, Mother of Perpetual Help, and Divine Mercy. Every Wednesday evening, 7.30 pm, this prayer with Holy Mass takes place. The Divine Mercy is still in progress, in terms of management and form of worship. Whild the Divine Mercy has been practiced by many around the world, in Bible Centre, it is relatively new. With the visit of Asia General Secretary, Ms. Mary Anawim, October 2013, we are very much sure, that this devotion will develop well with its three basic pillars: (a) Biblical teaching on Divine Mercy, (b) Spirituality, and (c) Ministry. IPC Divine Mercy movement is headed by Ms. Ayu Pujiastutik.


Mary, Mother of Perpetual Help & Divine Mercy
Jesus is always the center.


While devotions to the saints, for instance, are very much helpful, in the sense of helping Catholics to sustain their spiritual awareness, people have to understand, that it must not replace the central of Jesus Christ. We never ever pray to a saint, even if it is Mary, the Mother of Jesus, for instance. Our prayer must be always addressed to the Father, through Jesus Christ in the unity of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, all devotion must lead us to Jesus, especially the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. Therefore, one cannot use devotion as an excuse not to attend the Eucharist, instead any form of devotion should increase our awareness, that Jesus is always the center of all.

If you are interested, come and join us at the Bible Centre for Prayer of Mary, Mother of Perpetual Help, every Wednesday evening, 7.30 pm. Bring your petition, and once it is granted, send the message of thanksgiving. We really appreciate your kind consideration for further development of devotional movement in the International Pastoral Community of Batam.


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