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  SVD Batam SOVERDIA (Awam SVD) Pelayanan Kitab Suci Pelayananan Internasional Liturgi dan Devosi Tirta Wacana  
  International Ministry
Jalankanlah tugasmu dan berusahalah untuk mencari dan memenuhi kehendak Tuhan, tetapi janganlah kaubiarkan dirimu dihalangi oleh gosip murahan (St. Arnoldus Janssen)
Kita mengambil bagian dalam tugas hidup dan perutusan Yesus Kristus, yang menghampakan diriNya dan menjadi seorang hamba, taat sampai mati, bahkan sampai mati di salib (lih. Fil 2:7-8). Kita yakin, bahwa karya apostolis kita mendapat berkat dari Allah bukan hanya dalam gembiraan dan keberhasilan, melainkan juga dalam kesukaran dan kekecewaan. (Konstitusi SVD 121)


OFFICIALY, the international ministry belongs to the pastoral program of St. Peter Parish, Lubuk Baja, Batam.The legacy of this special ministry is dated back to the early services of missionaries of the Society of the Divine Word. Fr. Allan Geogehan Nasaraya, an Irishman, was the one to initiate it, helped by some committed lay men and women. Since then, it has been sustained by missionaries assigned to this parish. During the construction of the current parish church, in 2009 the ministry has been moved to Sukajadi, located at the Bible Centre, that belongs to the SVD. Although this is not the only English service in Batam, every Sunday many expatriates or Indonesians like to attend Sunday worship and subsequently other activities.


International Pastoral Community

In 2002, some new expatriates, initiated by a Filipino couple, Danee and Maria So, formed a new community, which they called English Speaking Community. Coordinating with the parish priest, this community was actively organizing many spiritual and social activities for expatriates. The Filipino Holy Week style was celebrated, with the help of Fr. Angelo, CICM, the Singaporean Filipino Community Chaplain, resided in Singapore.

The presence of Fr. Aurelius Pati Soge, SVD, in June 2010, has intensified the pastoral involvement. The group has been consequently renamed International Pastoral Community, in order to adopt other expatriate communities that do not speak English. Fr. Aurelius has been delegated since to take care of the community and to organize all activities related to it at Bible Centre. The role is maintained when the parish of St. Peter was handed over to diocesan priests, when the Divine Word missionaries ended their missionary service at St. Peter Parish.

As the community is opened to everybody, it has very unique organization. Currently it is headed by two servant couples, Mr. and Mrs. So, with its Indonesian counterpart, Mr. and Mrs. Hendra Sunarya. Some other volunteers are also assigned to head special sections, such as liturgy, music, charity, reading, catechesis, children choir, etc.

PRAISE AND WORSHIP: Every Sunday there is a 10 am Mass in English.
READING MINISTRY: Groups of lectors, psalmists and commentators.
CHILDREN MINISTRY: Special spiritual activities for childern.
KNIGHTS AND LILLIES OF THE ALTAR: Group of boys and girls to serve the liturgy.
DEVOTIONS: Mary, Mother of Perpetual Help (Novena) and Divine Mercy.
CATECHESIS: Talks or teachings related to certain theme, to be specially organized.
SOCIAL MINISTRY: Reaching out people who are in need.
Some children on the first communion
Ministries of Sacraments


Occassionally there are sacramental services, such as baptism, marriage, first communion and confession. While there is no special schedule for confession, special appointment with the priest should be made. Meanwhile, services for baptism, first communion and marriage are to be done according to the Canon Law and pastoral guidelines.

Who are to be served here?

Basically, ministries in Bible Centre are for expatriates, or at least one party (in case of wedding for instance) is expatriate. When all people involved are Indonesians, they should go to the parish of their residence for further information and requirement. All administration such as registration and official forms or statement are to be done at the office of St. Peter Parish, Jl. Angrek 1, Blok II, Lubuk Baja.


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