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  International Ministry
Jalankanlah tugasmu dan berusahalah untuk mencari dan memenuhi kehendak Tuhan, tetapi janganlah kaubiarkan dirimu dihalangi oleh gosip murahan (St. Arnoldus Janssen)
Kita mengambil bagian dalam tugas hidup dan perutusan Yesus Kristus, yang menghampakan diriNya dan menjadi seorang hamba, taat sampai mati, bahkan sampai mati di salib (lih. Fil 2:7-8). Kita yakin, bahwa karya apostolis kita mendapat berkat dari Allah bukan hanya dalam gembiraan dan keberhasilan, melainkan juga dalam kesukaran dan kekecewaan. (Konstitusi SVD 121)

Reading Ministry

DO YOU WANT TO ACTIVELY TAKE PART IN THE EUCHARIST? If you want to, the gate is widely opened for you. While the priest is the key person in the Eucharist, lay participants is very crucial. Apart from presidential parts that must be said by priest only, men and women have opportunities to contribute to the worships. For that reason, the International Pastoral Community initiates the groups of lectors, commentators and psalmists. Their duties are to proclaim the Word of God through reading ministry and to help people of God creating, developing and maintaining a solemn atmosphere for a good Holy Banquet.

All volunteers, men and women, form some groups that consist of five people each, that will act as commentator, lectors, psalmist and usher or usherette.Commentator acts as master of ceremony of the worship, lectors and psalmist recite the passages of the Holy Bible, in first reading, second reading and responsorial psalm. The psalmist is required to sing the responsorial psalm. Meanwhile the usher or usherette will take care of the congregation to maintain the order of the worshipers. He or she keeps an eye on free spaces, ushers people to take the seat and also organize the collection(s). No particular criteria required in order to do what. Everybody has the chance to be lectors and commentators. To be psalmist required some musical talents, as not everybody is able to sing properly.

To begin with, all volunteers are trained in order to get familiar to the ministry. The primary reason to involve in this particular ministry is to proclaim the Word of God. In the training, participants learn what the essence of the ministry is, its reason and basic skills required. Regular practice proves to be the major factor of good delivery of the Word, so does expertise in English. People should be able to speak clearly with pronunciation and intonation. Other practical thins such as using microphone is also taken into consideration and consequently seriously practiced. Body language is also taken care as unsuitable body language might distract people's mind from the solemnity of the liturgy.

Apart from these all, what we consider more important is people's willingness to serve. All human skills are only additional to this.

Living the Word of God


Is being commentator, lector, psalmist or usher and usherette is just a part time job of volunteers? People might think so but it is certainly not. This particular ministry is actually an opportunity for better spiritual development for people involved. Therefore, it is important for volunteers to live the Word of God. In what way?

Firstly, prior to the ministry, volunteers should read and meditate the Word of God, especially the one that he or she is going to deliver. We call it the process in internalization of the Word in one's body and soul. It is not just to read but moreover to proclaim. It should come out from one's spiritual building and not just from human brain. Secondly, bringing the Word into practice. We call it post-factum implementation. Living the Word of God is as crucial as proclaiming it.

We believe that the best homily is not in talking but in practicing the Word of God in daily life.


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