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"Janganlah kamu takut terhadap mereka, karena tidak ada sesuatu pun yang tertutup yang tidak akan dibuka dan tidak ada sesuatu pun yang tersembunyi yang tidak akan diketahui. Apa yang Kukatakan kepadamu dalam gelap, katakanlah itu dalam terang; dan apa yang dibisikkan ke telingamu, beritakanlah itu dari atas atap rumah."
(Mat 10:26-27)
  Altar Servers' Retreat:
Norms of Piety: forming our way of life

BEING an altar server is a way of contributing in the ministry of the Church, and must be based on one's free will. Some children might do so because their parents tell them to do, yet when one indicates his or her dislike to the ministry, he or she should be given the option of leaving the ministry freely. Some simply join because their friends have done so, with no particular reason. However, most of the children then grow to know the excitement of serving the altar at the Holy Mass and other celebrations. Therefore, further catechism is one of the crucial programs developed by the International Pastoral Community to help the children to discover the virtues being the altar servers, such as regular teaching and training, weekend retreat, school holiday camping, etc.

Considering the importance of spiritual nourishment for these young ministers, the chaplain of International Pastoral Community, Fr. Aurelius Pati Soge, SVD, conducts a week-end retreat for altar servers, on Saturday-Sunday, February 20-21, at Batam Oasis Centre, a retreat house at Tanjung Piayu, that belongs to the missionaries of Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary (SSCC). The group was accompanied by three teachers, i.e. Ms. Carmen, Ms. Allen and Ms. Geiza. The retreat focuses on norms of piety for altar servers, based on a book by. Fr. Gregory D. Gaston, which contains some guidelines for altar servers to live the piety of life.


Altarservers with teachers and Fr. Aurelius Pati Soge after closing Mass: live th piety, be faithful to the ministry, and
learn the virtues of serving the altar...


Norms of Piety to form the new way of life

In his remark for the altar servers, Fr. Pati Soge reminds them that the life style of an altar server does not only apply to them when they are around the altar or other ministries. It should apply to their whole life, such as in the family, at school, in a sport hall, at gathering with friends, etc. Therefore they must create their spiritual tradition. In this particular meeting, the question raised is that, how long do they spend time alone with God in a day? Certainly they are not aware of that. To kick the start, Fr. Pati Soge asks them to pray together morning offering, blessing before meals and thanksgiving after meals. It turns out to be 28 seconds for morning offering, 10 seconds for blessing before meals and 8 seconds for thanksgiving after meals. Overall, 28 seconds for morning offering, and 54 seconds for three times before and after meals, which make of 82 seconds, less than two minutes. The point underlined here is that how short the time with God is. Therefore, they should remember from now on to develop a new tradition of prayer, then move to other spiritual exercises that are necessary. Surprisingly, they then ask for regular catechism at least once a month after one of Sunday Masses that is obligatory for all of them, such a creative and encouraging response.


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