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"Janganlah kamu takut terhadap mereka, karena tidak ada sesuatu pun yang tertutup yang tidak akan dibuka dan tidak ada sesuatu pun yang tersembunyi yang tidak akan diketahui. Apa yang Kukatakan kepadamu dalam gelap, katakanlah itu dalam terang; dan apa yang dibisikkan ke telingamu, beritakanlah itu dari atas atap rumah."
(Mat 10:26-27)
  Jubilee of Mercy:
BE WITH US O KING OF MERCY: Holy Door Pilgrimage to Singapore

THE JUBILEE OF MERCY has come closer to its official closure on November 20, 2016, on the solemnity of Christ the King of the Universe. Since its opening on December 2015, many people from Batam have organizes such pilgrimage to several places of Holy Door. Officially, the Holy Door of Pangkalpinag Diocese is in Pangkalpinang, since its erection and opening by December 2015. However, because of the long distance, travelling to Pangkalpinang for this particular event is quite expensive and time consuming. Therefore, many Catholics in Batam choose to do Holy Door Pilgrimage to Singapore, as it is closer to Batam, more accessible, less expensive and less time consuming.

International Pastoral Community, headed by Fr. Aurelius Pati Soge, organizes a journey to four churches assigned to host the Holy Door Pilgrimage in the Archdiocese of Singapore, name St. Vincent de Paul Church, the Church of the Risen Christ, the Sacred Heart Church and the Divine Mercy Church. A group of people from several nationalities, coordinated by Ms. Nur Rahayu Pujiastutik, gather together to form a group of faithful for this pilgrimage on Saturday, November 12, 2016. The pilgrimage serves as the closing activity to end the Jubilee of Mercy, a celebration highly appreciated around the world.


The pilgrims after a prayer at the Sacred Heart Church, 111 Tank Rd: our togetherness is a blessing...


The cross of immigration checkpoints

After the relatively smooth departure from Batam Centre Ferry Port, the pilgrims face their first cross at the Harbour Front immigration checkpoints. A long queue of tourists pours the line, which costs the delay in the planned time table. The late arrival at St. Vincent de Paul Church makes pilgrims unable to enter the church due to a wedding that is taking place. At this church, the group meditates on the work of mercy initiated and maintained by St. Vincent de Paul, for the poor and the marginalized. After a brief prayer in the chapel of Divine Mercy, The journey is continued to the Church of the Risen Christ, where the main theme is the resurrection of Christ as the greatest mercy of God ever granted to human being. Because of that resurrection, the gate of salvation is open, people then have opportunities to enter the Kingdom of Salvation. Now the salvation is a matter of human free choice and loyalty to the Word of God, who has given everything to make things happen.

Divine Mercy Church: because of his suffering...

Warm welcome and meaningful prayer

At the Sacred Heart Church, the group is greeted by Ms. Marry, a parish volunteer, who introduces to the pilgrims a brief history of the church, a baroque style building. A solemn procession and prayer mark the day in this quiet and beautiful building. After the recitation of the fourth decade of Divine Mercy Chaplet, Ms. Maricor Austria leads the rosary, meditating the joyful mysteries. Each pilgrim receives a certificate of passing the holy door, issued by the church administration. The card certainly becomes a memorable souvenir for all.

Finally the pilgrimage reaches its conclusion at the Church of Divine Mercy, Pasir Ris. A couple volunteers, Stephen and Marta, serve as the ambassadors for the pilgrims. Concluding the prayer of the day, all pilgrims recite the fifth decade of Divine Mercy Chaplet, praying for all souls and departed and others. Under the shadow of the Mercy Cross, the group recalls all blessing granted by the Lord throughout the Year of Mercy, thanking him for his generous gifts and asking him for new encouragement to be the life time apostles of mercy. Then the pilgrimage spiritual director, Fr. Pati Soge, celebrates the closing mass in the lower chapel, as the highest point of the pilgrimage. "We are the last group of the pilgrimage in this church, as the Holy Door will be officially closed on Sunday, November 13, the day after", says Fr. Pati Soge, conveying the information from the parish ambassadors.

On the way back to Harbour Front, all pilgrims offer a prayer of thanks to the Lord for such a marvellous spiritual journey together. One particular pilgrim writes her impression. "Thank you for giving me and my son the opportunity to journey together. This pilgrimage is very memorable to me because in my 62 years and being a mother for 35 years, this is my first time to journey and reflect together with my son, which I have not done because I am so busy trying to give them a good education. Working so hard I forgot to journey with them in life." What a great way of closing the Year of Mercy.


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