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"Janganlah kamu takut terhadap mereka, karena tidak ada sesuatu pun yang tertutup yang tidak akan dibuka dan tidak ada sesuatu pun yang tersembunyi yang tidak akan diketahui. Apa yang Kukatakan kepadamu dalam gelap, katakanlah itu dalam terang; dan apa yang dibisikkan ke telingamu, beritakanlah itu dari atas atap rumah."
(Mat 10:26-27)
"We are just unworthy servants, we do what we have to do..."

PEOPLE come and go, and International Pastoral Community of Batam once again has to come to terms with the reality, that some of our best ministers have to leave Batam due to end of working contract. Our guitarist, Mr. Nathaniel So Lin, and five IPC Choir members, Mr. Arnold Cupo, Ms. May Jasmine Robredo, Ms. Judy Ann C. Lista, Ms. Liwliwa Gabriel, and Ms. Marah Valierie Mondia, will leave Batam and return to their country, Philippines. To appreciate their great contribution to the pastoral ministry for expatriates in Batam, on the Solemnity of Pentecost, Sunday, June 4, 2017, the chaplain of International Pastoral Community, Fr. Aurelius Pati Soge, SVD, presents certificates of appreciation to the six pastoral volunteers, for their great contribution for the ministry. "Your might not be aware, but you have made a tremendous contribution to the pastoral ministry here in the Bible Centre in particular, and the Parish of St. Peter in general", says Fr. Pati Soge in his farewell statement. "Working with committed people like you certainly makes my pastoral duties easier", Fr. Pati Soge continues. In their farewell song for the congregation, the six outgoing pastoral volunteers express their gratitude of being given opportunities to serve in the church. "I cannot speak earlier because my tears are about to fall, but I really appreciate all the times I've been with you and all the times I go to the church and play", writes Mr. Nathaniel, the guitarist.


Mr. Nathaniel So Lin, cs: your contribution makes my pastoral ministries easier...

New Volunteers, New Commitment

Still some good news could be added to this international chaplaincy, when the local community (Basic Christian Community) of St. Arnold Janssen, Sukajadi, offers their participation into the international pastoral ministry. Promoted by the community leadership, it is the first time ever St. Arnold Janssen Choir participates in the international Sunday Worship. The mixture and Latin and English, the choir makes a powerful message for all, the when the Lord demands us to use our talents for the beauty of the liturgy, nobody should say no. The leading singer of the day was Ms. Lia Chrisna, while her husband, Mr. Roberto Hapsoro acts as the pianist. "Hopefully our contribution will add to the beauty of the service", says Ms. Yulianti Suwandy, one of the decision makers that motivates all community members to participate. "You make me proud", says Fr. Aurelius Pati Soge, the chaplain, also a member of St. Arnold Janssen Christian neighbourhood. Apart from the Divine Word Community, this particular basic community also consists of religious sisters of Franciscan Charitas, who run the Charitas College, close to the Bible Centre. The community has regular spiritual gathering for prayer, Bible sharing and community Eucharist, usually on Wednesday. They also regularly use Bible Centre for their own purpose, such as choir practice, Bible Study and other social activities such as holyday gathering, sports and socialization.


Fr, Aurelius Pati Soge and some of the choir members: for glory of God....


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